Hey...Meet Me!

Meet me.....an Architect by profession, an Artist by passion, a Cook by hook or crook! and ha.....a Poetess when my mood is lofted to an elevation.....Lo! whatta pro' "con fusion"! :)

Naming this blog as "Mangalas Potpourri" cropped up in my mind quite naturally and instinctively owing to my varied interests in myriad topics. Needless to say, my blog is literally a baggage packed with a medley of content.

Come in n enjoy.....experiencing the "fusion".

Welcome to "My First Post" that leads you to an article of mine  titled "Wow" related to playing around with A World of Words from the English Language. This article was featured in Deccan Herald, a National Daily Newspaper on Jan 15th 2004 .

Few sections in this blog that reveal my varied passions include:

"MangalasArtpourri" - A glimpse into my artworks
"MangalasPotluck" - Indian Vegetarian Recipes
"Bollywood Songs Review" - Review of Retro Songs of Bollywood
"Nostalgia" - Coverage of Nostalgia Events held at Dignity Foundation, Bengaluru
"Play with Words" - Focus here is on Understanding Cryptic Clues in Crossword Puzzles and their types, orienting readers towards possible approaches to solve them with relevant hints, explanations and solutions, all explained with examples in conversational style
"Mangala's Crossword Puzzles" - My creation of Easy and Cryptic Crossword Puzzles. Cryptic Crossword Puzzles posted here are based on specific Clue Type. Detailed explanations are provided for Solutions to the clues through links
"My Poems" - A rhythmical journey
"Ramayana Card Game" - A Mythological Game to explore
"SheshadrisArtpourri" - Online Art Gallery (via Facebook Page)


  1. It is indeed heart-warming to note that you have launched your BLOG.We shall regularly visit the pages and interact.Good Luck

  2. Thanks a lot Mama for your encouragement and wishes

  3. Mangala, are you still using this blog. Thanks for the advice and info, I find it very informative as a Non Indian.

    1. Yes Leon Steyn I post regularly here. Thanks for visiting my blog

  4. Hello Ms. Mangala,

    The Blog has been compiled so precisely and it is my favorite since its a collection of medley!
    I look forward for more creative works from you.....[Always :)]

    All the Best!