Tuesday, 5 June 2018

Bravo Boys!

Penned this poem celebrating 1st online Birthday of SheshadrisArtpourri
The poem below is dedicated to Prajwal K A and Steven Harris, students of Sri Sheshadri Mokshagundam, our Art Teacher and Founder of SheshadrisArtpourri
along with my sketching of their portraits.
Portraits of Prajwal K A and Steven harris can be viewed at

Few more of my poems can be viewed @ "My Poems"

Bravo Boys!
Sitting tall and standing out
Towering over like a spire
Amidst the crowd of SheshadrisArtpourri
Your artworks…..
They inspire us to perspire
To tire, tire and re-tire
Never say retire
As long as we respire !

In your works, we get the message
Practise pampering every bit of paper
Drawing your own rules (I mean lines!)
You can soon rule out using a ruler
Shower your love on any piece of paper
 It loves your doodling with pen or pencil
And for lettering, you need not style it with stencil !

Your works….they state
Celebrate scribbling
With cheese in plate and chalk on slate
Pour your pet paints on palette
Be bold and brush them gently
On fabric, they look chic
On canvas, they look class!
To your life, they add colour and vigour
Ever ready shall be your mind and body
To take on more rigour!
While you paint, sit still like a saint J
And enjoy the flow
Dive deep into your heart
And watch that Divine Glow !

Your paintings…they preach:
“Right from your raw young age
Practise Art in any form
Dance or doodle, sing or strum
Sketch or etch, sculpt or paint
On reaching ripe old age
You can sermon
About ‘The Living of Art and The Art of Living’
Just like a sage”

Bravo Boys….God Bless!