Thursday, 22 November 2018

Springing Back to Life

When life looks lull
And you feel dull
Good Heavens! Don’t break loose
After all, life isn’t all hell
Touch your heart to tell
"Touchwood...All izzz well"
Now, fasten your seat belts
Tug rightaway your family
For a drive away
To a known island far faraway

Arrest not the rest of your family
Treat them fair
Let them tee off to a fairway
In the mean time
Steal some “Me” time
Just go Google
Armed with a Cup ‘O Noodle
For thy pencil, your love
While it dances to your doodle,
Sing any swara
Who cares (or listens!) to your apaswara

Now see how life is….
All set with joy and laughter
Sacked in a bundle
You and family are ready to pack
With all smiles, multi miles you drive back
On looking back,
Says the refreshed, energised you
“Oh Home Sweet Home…Nothing Like You”

Poem penned by Mangala Madhuchand
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