Thursday, 14 July 2016

The Godevil’s Angel

Once upon a time, sometime somewhere, heaven or hell, on a land unknown, God and Devil met each other. God, obviously, the blessed one, was not blind whereas, the Devil was blind. Over a short period of time, they became friends. God, since he was not blind could also see the good side of the devil. Devil, on the other hand, since she was blind, could only feel the good side of God. The Lord of all the Gods and the Devils, The Supreme, however saw and weighed both sides of both and decided it is worth bringing them closer. Soon, these friends who were sweet while they were new became sweeter as the friendship turned true and gradually grew to be the sweetest, since one told the other “Our friendship is the sweetest because it is You”. This sweetest friendship blossomed into a beauty, known as Love.
One fine day, God proposed to the Devil. To neither’s surprise, Devil agreed. Needless to say, she was in seventh heaven. Why the hell is He proposing to me? She did not wonder, for, in the World of Devils’ and God’s own country, she had trusted friends who had seen the best side of her. Finally, the day dawned and Lord, The Supreme disposed with blessings what God proposed. They tied the knot.
What an irony, even God cannot change His Destiny?
Shortly after marriage, the Godevil couple gave birth to a cute looking baby boy.
Post marriage, while decade after decade flew by, God became blind to the good side of the Devil. And the Devil realized she was not fully blind. For, she started seeing the other side of God.
Meanwhile the cute baby boy grew up to be a sweet hearted child, truly an Angel. He could see, hear, smell, feel and taste the multi dimensions of both his parents. While he trusted his father is God to him and many, his mother is equally so, brushing aside with a “Devil May Care” attitude, the fears of the world that his mother is a Devil. For, in both, he could see the best of both worlds.

This Angel introduces the Godevil couple to the world as “My Beloved Parents, both Humans”.

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