Friday, 9 September 2016

Cryptic Clues CA 11 to CA 15

CA 11: Had food from a plate (3)
CA 12: Play badminton when you are sick? that's not good (3)
CA 13: Manga muted by an entire range (5)
CA 14: Toe line in drafts crafted using crochet (4)
CA 15: Can you portray a beam of light? (3)

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SOLUTIONS for Cryptic Clues CA 6 to CA 10 

CA 6: Abridged version of a connection (6) BRIDGE (= connection)
CA 7: Cab in a compartment (5) CABIN (= compartment)
CA 8: Fag end can be curtailed (4) TAIL (= Fag end)
CA 9: Amphibian that loves to advertise (4) TOAD (= Amphibian)
CA 10: Flower part directed by centripetal force (5) PETAL (= Flower part)

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