Friday, 9 September 2016

Cryptic Clues CA 6 to CA 10

CA 6: Abridged version of a connection (6)
CA 7: Cab in a compartment (5)
CA 8: Fag end can be curtailed (4)
CA 9: Amphibian that loves to advertise (4)
CA 10: Flower part directed by centripetal force (5)

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CA 1: Simple devil (3) IMP (= devil)
CA 2: Person in Germany (3) MAN (= Person)
CA 3: Girl in a class (4) LASS (= Girl)
CA 4: Pothole in a hospital (3) PIT (= Pothole)
CA 5: Boundary of United Germany (4) EDGE (= Boundary)

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