Thursday, 2 February 2017

Red Rice Laddoos

Deepavali is approaching. Should we end up brooding about spending solid hours for cooking? Not really when a Fhataafhat sweet recipe is offered on a platter.100% fat free laddoos. Hahaha …obvious reaction from u n me…right? Nah, not from me till I was served this sweet and recipe shared by my dear friend Ms. Sreeja. Better known as Arima Kuzhachade in Malayalam, this is Sreeja’s favourite childhood recipe to this day! and as Sreeja says, this is a very rare recipe familiar to very few even in her own native. Earthy to taste, healthy to eat with zero oil, zero ghee, packed with protein, calcium, carbohydrate and more. Hey guys, did you know….this can be prepared in a jiffy even as you enjoy dat disturbance from your WiFey! Ha see…now you are tempted to taste this recipe….Please read below

Dish type: Traditional Sweet
Time required: 5 min
Yield: 8 to 10 nos. (cup measure: 100 gms)

Unpolished red rice            1 cup
Jaggery (powdered)            ¾ cup (for medium sweet taste)
Raw coconut                         1/3 cup (grated)
Roasted gram dal                1 tbsp

Dry fry unpolished red rice in a pan till it is crispy and brown, taking care not to burn. While frying, you can feel a fragrant smell….irresistable! Breathe in and enjoy.
Transfer the roasted red rice to a flat plate. Let it cool. Powder this in mixie as fine as practically possible. Transfer this powder to a vessel. To this, add raw grated coconut and roasted gram dal. Mix them well.
Keep jaggery in a pan with just enough water for it to dissolve. Boil it till it reaches thick honey like consistency. Sieve it if required. Now slowly pour this boiled jaggery to the rice mixture and mix them all together till it reaches a consistency that is fit for rolling them into balls. When cool enough to handle, make balls. Press them well.
Red Rice Laddoos are now ready.

Tete a Tete
These laddoos last for at least a week without refrigeration when stored in an air tight container.
Fried cashewnuts may also be used in place of roasted gram dal if you are not particular about the dish being 0% oil/ghee free
Jaggery is a healthier replacement for sugar
Handpound raw rice / Raw rice can also be used instead of red rice

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