Doddapatre Thambuli (Spicy Yogurt with Coleus)

Cold, cough, sore throat, congestion, indigestion…oho!....then no more procrastination! Off to our gardens, let’s pluck them…and be back soon….Doddapatre leaves, fresh from my garden…those succulent, strong scented (has the aroma of oregano but a bit more pungent), thick, roundish, spongy, green foliage with toothed edges from an evergreen shrub that grows and spreads so easily even in gentle weather.
Pluck a leaf or two, boil them in hot water and sip the decoction (kashaya) when you feel sick especially with common cold or abdominal ailments. Wanna add a drop of honey and lime for that zing thing….yes please!
Even as I am chatting with you….
Mangala’s Potluck is ready to serve you Doddapatre Thambuli fresh from its kitchen. Thambuli, a simple yogurt and fresh coconut based preparation, cool dish ideal for hot summers, so healthy n tasty, so lovingly prepared and sweetly served by moms, yet so easily turned down by kids, only to realise later in life….”Well, it’s our turn now to be turned down by our kids”!!! 

Dish Type:  South Indian Side Dish
Time required:  10 min
Serves:  4 persons

For sautéing:
Ghee                            ½ tsp
Cumin seeds                ½ tsp
Pepper corns               ½ tsp (5 to 6 nos.)
Doddapatre leaves      12 nos.

For grinding:
All the above sautéed ingredients
Salt to taste                      ½ tsp
Fresh grated coconut       1 tbsp
Jaggery                            1 tsp (optional)
Curd                                1 cup
For seasoning:
Ghee                            ½ tsp
Mustard seeds              ½ tsp
Urad dal                      ½ tsp
Curry leaves                4 to 6 nos.
Green chilli                   1 no.
Red chilli                      1 no. (split to half or a tad smaller, optional)

Wash doddapatre leaves thoroughly in salt water. Drain out the water and keep the leaves aside. Wash curry leaves also and keep aside.
Grate fresh coconut and keep aside.
Heat ghee in a skillet. Add cumin seeds and pepper corns. When jeera turns brown, add washed doddapatre leaves. Sauté them on low flame for 3 to 4 min. till you see the leaves wilting, watering and changing colour. Switch off the flame and transfer the contents to a plate. Let it cool.
Now added grated fresh coconut and salt to this plate. Grind them in a mixie jar using minimum amount of water to a paste consistency. Transfer the contents to a bowl and now add fresh curd / buttermilk and blend them well with a spoon. It’s time to do seasoning….
Heat ghee in a small skillet. Add mustard seeds, urad dal, green chilli (slit), red chilli and curry leaves (in that order). Fry for five seconds. Switch off the flame. Pour this seasoning on to the bowl.
Doddapatre Thambuli is now ready. Serve it cool with hot steaming rice, pickle and papad.

Tete a Tete:
Leaves can even be chopped to smaller size before sautéing.
You can use pepper corns / green chillies or a combination of both for the spicy taste.
Asafoetida is not required for Doddapatre Thambuli

Doddapatre leaves can be just chewed after a mild n gentle wash along with a pinch of pepper n salt. Good for cough n sore throat. Great stuff gifted by Mother Nature! 
Doddapatre is also used for making Bhajji, Pathrode. 
Grind few leaves of Doddapatre along with Thulasi (Basil), Hibiscus leaves, Curry leaves and soaked methi seeds and use it as a pack for conditioning your hair.

Coleus Aromaticus, Plectranthus Amboinicus, Cuban Oregano, Country Borage, French Thyme, Spanish Thyme, Mexican Thyme, Mother of Herbs, Saviara Sambara, Sambrani soppu, Sambara balli, Karpooravalli, Pattharchur and Ajwain are a few other terms used to describe Doddapatre leaves.

Recipe contributed by Smt. Mankali, a septauagenarian lady and an expert cook from Idagunji Taluk, Karnataka State.

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