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Ondelaga Thambuli (Spicy Yogurt with Brahmi Leaves)

Omigosh, can you believe? Just now I finished making a dish, penned and posted the recipe too in my blog and now I forget its name too! While I recharge my memory cells, don’t miss reading this story…
Adam n Eve upon their creation, as a gesture of celebration, performed intense penance to appease The Creator Lord Brahma. Lord Brahma in turn, pleased by their penance granted a boon. Buoyed by the boon, they asked Him, “Oh Lord, bestow us something from nature, which when used, makes our memory All Powerful.” Thus rose from the earth, to make our memories memorable, leaves of Brahmi bestowed by Brahma The Lord.
 On sharing this story with “Honey” my hubby, hoping he will be inspired to make sincere attempts to boost his power of memory instead of using me as a Ready Reckoner for his bills n pills, the boss in him quickly quipped in admiration, “From this day on, you‘ve been promoted as ‘My Permanent Reminder’ for the remainder of our lives!”
While there is no magic bullet heard of, so far, to fight Alzheimer’s disease, Brahmi leaves, a traditional therapeutic herb, botanically known as “Bacopa monnieri”, if used regularly from a early age, promises to be theraupetic enough to keep us away from brain degeneration at old age.  A potent therapy for neuropathy, a reducer of stress and booster of cognitive abilty, let’s include these leaves in our daily menu and pride ourselves with a bounty of benefits offered only by Brahmi.

Ha see…now I remember this unforgettable recipe! Brahmi Soppina Thambuli  (Spicy Yogurt with Brahmi Leaves) 

Dish type: South Indian Side Dish
Time required: 10 min

Brahmi leaves                     1 small bunch
Raw grated coconut            ¼ coconut
Cumin seeds                         1 tsp
Yogurt (Curd)                      3 tbsps
Jaggery                                 1 tbsp
Salt to taste                          1 tsp approx.

Wash Brahmi leaves along with its roots in water 2 or 3 times thoroughly till the leaves and roots are completely clean. Drain out the water.
Grind the leaves and roots and filter the ground paste. Now grind raw grated coconut and cumin seeds to a smooth consistency. Add the brahmi paste and grind for few more seconds till they blend well. Transfer this to a bowl. Add curd, jaggery and salt. Mix them well. Let it stand for a while till salt and jaggery dissolve.
Spicy yogurt with Brahmi leaves is now ready. Use it at the start of lunch as first course by mixing with hot rice. Savour the beauty of Brahmi!

Tete a Tete
Extremely easy recipe. No need to switch on the stove since all ingredients are used raw. No need of seasoning too!
Ideal for summer. Brahmi leaves are known as “Ondelaga soppu” in Kannada.
Recipe contributor: Smt. Mankali, a septuagenarian lady from Idagunji Taluk and an expert cook

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