Friday, 9 September 2016

Cryptic Clues Type “A” – CA 31 to CA 35

CA 31: Sign a deal with Pink (3)
CA 32: Strip of plastic with honeycomb pattern (4)
CA 33: Indefinite article seen in a wand (2)
CA 34: Roc, ocotillo loves to nest you in its own style of architecture (6)
CA 35: Can two voids lead to an egg shaped body (5)

Solutions to the above clues can be viewed at Solutions for CA 31 to CA 35

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CA 26: Plant can be home to an insect (3) ANT
            Answer is ANT because it means “insect” and is hidden in the word “Plant”

CA 27: Bird sat on a rock (3) ROC
            Answer is ROC because it means “Bird” and is hidden in the word “rock”

CA 28: Do slow down on reaching Norway’s capital (4) OSLO
            Answer is OSLO because it is “Norway’s capital”and is hidden in the phrase “Do slow”

CA 29: Compiled a heap of things (4) PILE
Answer is PILE because it means “heap of things” and is hidden in the word “Compiled”

CA 30: Stylish chicken (4) CHIC
            Answer is CHIC because it means “Stylish” and is hidden in the word “chicken”

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