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Why talk about only "Haathi Mere Saathi"? How about making Methi bhi Hamaare Saathi?! Yes, come let's make Methi (fenugreek), an utterly bitterly member of bean family, a flavourful friend of our family too, for, when lightly roasted these bitter seeds, shed their bitter taste and help us better our health. This healing herb, with its gluey substance called mucilage serves as a soothing balm to relieve cough and save us from the pain of sore throat. A must have for nursing mothers and hey, those wishing to shed weight…chew soaked methi seeds first thing in the morning on empty stomach.
Isn’t time now to tap the rich reservoir of methi’s medicinal properties? Reach for “Menthyada Hittu“ recipe right below.

Dish type: Spice Powder
Time required: 15 min
Yield: 250 gms

Bengal gram dal         50 gms
Urad dal                    50 gms
Green gram dal          50 gms
Tur dal                       50 gms
Jeera                          10 gms
Methi seeds                1 tsp
Red chillies                 10 to 12 nos. (byadagi variety)
Asafoetida                  A pinch
Curry leaves               few sprigs
Salt to taste                2 tsps (approx.)

Dry fry each of the ingredients separately in a thick iron kadai on low flame till they change colour. Ensure they are not over roasted since they should not burn and turn black in colour.  
Transfer each of them to a plate after dry frying. Allow them to cool well.
Grind them to a fine powder. For better shelf life store it in a completely dry air tight container.
This powder is gently mixed with steaming hot cooked (grainy and not mushy) rice, a pinch of salt and a drop of ghee and consumed as first course at the start of a meal. If you wish to pamper the mixed rice, top it with seasoning, add few drops of lime juice and a tsp of raw, finely chopped onions.

Tete – a - Tete
Red chillies alone can be fried using just a drop of oil.
No coconut is used for preparing this powder.
For longer shelf life of any spice powder it is advisable not to include dry coconut while making powder. Instead it is better to grind dry fried dry grated coconut with just the required quantity of spice powder used while preparing the dish.
Menthyada Hittu can be used to prepare “Gojju” a spicy sauce that can be used as side dish for chapathis, rotis or simply mixed with hot rice and consumed. To prepare Gojju, mix well 1 tbsp of this powder, a pinch of salt, 1 or 2 tsps of jaggery to a cup of tamarind water. Add seasoning. Do not boil. Gojju is ready.

This post is (my gift in advance! J ) to Priyanka and Namratha, priya (beloved)  grand daughters of  Smt. Lalithamma Ramamurthy, contributor of Recipe “Menthyada Hittu” (Fenugreek Powder) made with a mesmerizing medley of a variety of dals and spices. What grinds out is a multipurpose, power packed, protein rich powder.

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