Friday, 9 September 2016

Cryptic Clues Type “C” – CC 26 to CC 30

CC 26: Find the total of many a nobleman (5)
CC 27: Opposing the design of a long, flat surface (7)
CC 28: Frighten a domestic animal (3)
CC 29: A small seed case found amidst a small herd of whales (3)
CC 30: Carry the weight of a shaggy coated mammal (4)

Solutions to the above clues can be viewed at Solutions for CC 26 to CC 30

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SOLUTIONS for CC 21 to CC 25

CC 21: Get on with a group of people (5) Answer: BOARD
            (since both the phrases coloured red can mean BOARD)

CC 22: Quick short movement of a short and even hairstyle (3) Answer: BOB
            (since both the phrases coloured red can mean BOB)

CC 23: Make one believe about a steep cliff (5) Answer: BLUFF
            (since both the phrases coloured red can mean BLUFF)

CC 24: Support for a pillow (7) Answer: BOLSTER
            (since both the words coloured red can mean BOLSTER)

CC 25: To drill a hole can be a dull activity (4) Answer: BORE
            (since both the phrases coloured red can mean BORE)

Did you observe that answer to each of the above clue is a Homonym and it is coloured in green. Homonym is a word that has more than one meaning. Two meanings for each of these words are found in their respective clues. They are coloured red in each of the above clue.

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