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Good Morning People. What an easy way to make our every morning good with a delicious dish such as…..just a min…..
“Do not judge a book by its cover” so goes a saying. May I tinily tweak this to say “Do not judge a recipe by its name”!? For how many amongst us do not pan away this Richie Rich Porridge  even when it is so caringly served with this frequent prashne, especially when we fall sick “Ganji kudithiya? (a kaamen kannada kueschanu) meaning “Will you drink some porridge?”….now I continue…..
Delicious dish such as Porridge that gives us strength and vigour to resume the day. Porridge, also known as ”Hasty Pudding” is called so, since it looks like a ‘Pudding’ and ‘Hasty’ since time required to cook is much lesser compared to a pudding. Faster cooking time is the reason why its texture is not as smooth as that of a pudding. It is a highly nutritious health drink, easy to digest and suits all ages. This multi cereal porridge combines the benefits of various cereals renowned for individual health benefits since ages. It is especially good for children, athletes and the aged.

Dish type: Health Drink
Time required: 20 min
Yield: 2 glasses

For boiling:
Water                                      300 ml
 Ragi Malt Powder                   2 tspns
Oats                                         4 tspns
Pure Cocoa Powder                ½ tsp (optional)
Vanilla extract                        ½ tsp
Flax seeds                                2 tsps
Jaggery                                    3 tsps (adjust quantity to suit your taste)
Wheat germ powder                 1 tsp
Barley powder                        ¼ tsp (optional)
Arrowroot powder                 ¼ tsp (optional)
Milk                                       200 ml
Dry mix Ragi Malt Powder, Oats, Pure cocoa powder and vanilla extract in any thick bottomed vessel or induction cooker. Now add water and mix contents well to a smooth uniform consistency. By doing so, the entire mix will blend well and there will be no lumps. Place the vessel on a gas stove. Switch on the flame. Low heat preferred. Make sure to adjust the flame such that it doesn’t get burnt at the bottom of the vessel. Bring them to boil. Keep stirring gently and continuously at medium pace upto the bottom of the vessel till it thickens. Switch off the flame when it thickens. Now add raw flax seeds, jaggery powder and wheat germ powder. Mix well. To this, add warm/cold milk. Mix well.
ChocOats porridge is now ready. Serve it with khushi.

Tete a Tete
Honey can be used instead of jaggery. But add it just before consuming. Honey loses its nutritive value when heated.
A multitude of flavours can be chosen from to make the dish more interesting and varying every day.
Flax seeds are rich in Omega 3 fatty acids, a must have for those on vegan diet.
Wheat germ powder is a rich source of Vitamin E.
A multitude of flavours can be choosen from to make the dish more interesting and varying everyday adding to the nutritive value
To use a thick bottomed vessel
To stir continuously
To use a spoon or ladle of sufficient length since the mixture may spurt as it thickens
To add flax seeds only after taking the vessel off the stove so that it just softens and is easily palatable
Not to cook flax seeds
Let's include a new word to our Cuisine Vocab - Tsampurado: A sweet chocolate rice porridge in Philippine cuisine

Recipe contributor: Ms. Sreeja M

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