Friday, 9 September 2016

Cryptic Clues Type "B" CB 21 to CB 25

CB 21: Daze a person when he goes nuts (4) 
CB 22: Working with tyes resulted in an eye sore (4) 
CB 23: Hey, it’s falling, stop that prop (4) 
CB 24: Mixed diet prescribed to control a powerful surge of feelings (4) 
CB 25: Series of rows arranged as seating to witness rites (5)

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Solutions for CB 16 to CB 20

CB 16: He sits for a research dissertation (6) THESIS

CB 17: Close friend sits on my lap (3) PAL

CB 18: Comb rests on a lock of hair (5) TRESS

CB 19: Look, it’s all wet, this purse (6) WALLET

CB 20: Scoundrel found in villa (7) VILLAIN

In each of the above clues, words coloured in red are “Questions” i.e. they are words/phrase for which you have to give a synonym as Answer. Words in italic are anagrammed to create a new word which is the synonym i.e. the Answer.
For example, in CB 16, answer is THESIS because it is a synonym of the word “research dissertation” and is derived by anagramming letters of the phrase “He sits”.

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