Saturday, 18 March 2017

Mang Ke Saath Tumhara (Duet)

Can you imagine a race between a bus and a tonga? Yes, it can happen… in dreams and in films. Undeniably unbelievable that the clear winner can be…The Tonga!! but not until one watches the film Naya Daur (1957), a film that ushered in a “Naya Daur” - New Era for the careers of many in the industry.

This classic entertaining film and the second highest grosser of that era is about Man vs. Machine, with a clear social message conveying the victory of human spirit and belief riding over technology, clearly the result of a storyline with a difference!  Songs (9 in all) from this film were inspired by the music of a Punjabi troupe who had performed at the 25th week celebrations of B. R. Chopra’s another film “Ek Hi Raasta” (1956).

Clip-Clop Clip-Clop … Tuk-Tok Tuk-Tok ….
“Maang Ke Saath Tumhara” a typical tonga song was shot probably on a cool, breezy early evening on pure countryside locales of Bhopal (and not in Mumbai studio! bringing in realism to the story). The song begins with the beats of tonga…signature sound style of OPNji, Dilip Kumar enjoying his tonga ride in the company of Vyjayanthimala. The stunning effect of light and shade, all of foliage playing on their faces, especially after the start of the song, appear in perfect rhythm with the tonga beats. Gentle movements of Dilip and Vyjayanthimala (their hairs included!) matching with the mood and music, swaying with the breeze and the beats are a treat as visuals. Childish charm of a typical village boy essayed by Dilip dressed in simple clothes gets amplified with that typical teeny scream of his Urrrrhhhh…yaaaaaaaaah at the end of the song. 
Whatta joy to “watch” the song while you listen.

Film: Naya Daur (1957)                  
Director and Producer: B R Chopra          
Music Composer: O P Nayyar
Lyrics: Sahir Ludhiyanvi                 
Singers: Rafi and Asha                   

Actors: Dilip Kumar and Vyjayanthimala

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