Saturday, 25 February 2017

My Blog Story

It all started in 2004 when a chance write up of mine about the Wonder of Words in English language was published in a National daily newspaper – first time ever, I saw my name on print! That was when I was in the thick of solving Cryptic Clues in Crossword Puzzles, classifying and analyzing them and also creating my own Cryptic Clues, Word Games etc.
Later during 2006 or so, during my stint in one of the MNCs, my boss asked me to submit a write-up about our department for publication in the company’s journal. Much as I wished to write one, I couldn’t. Yet I tried and tried. For, the ego in me refused to give up (more so after I had experienced the joy of seeing my name on print in a national daily) and lo! what I started as a prose turned into a poem. Thus was born My First Poem! followed instantly by the next, this time to this boss of mine regarding “The First Poem of My Life” being refused for publication. Later on, poems started flowing from my pen at regular intervals for a couple of years, many of them were for my friends, which I shared with them via mail. Soon I did a write up - a combine of prose and poetry – about how I embarked on the reunion of us, Architecture classmates. On reading this write up, while many praised it, one good friend of mine told me that my write ups certainly deserved a much wider forum.
Signing up for art classes was at the back of my mind ever since my sibling had once helped me with my 5th grade school drawing assignment. Much to my expectation, the teacher asked me with amazement, “Did you draw this?” and I had sheepishly replied in the affirmative, albeit against my own conscience. The teacher must have wondered within “If only she knew the truth behind the learning of art, her answer would have been smart and straight from the heart!” With my mind forever wilting over this guilt, I could not wait for the opportunity when I quit my corporate job. Wings in me slowly swung into action. I just moved forward doing those many varied things I always wished to do. On learning about my writings, be they Prose, Poetry, Recipe writing, Analysis and Creation of Cryptic Clues for Crossword Puzzles or Artworks, my sibling, very frequently used to advise me to start a blog, but I never evinced much interest. One fine day, in July 2016, frustrated over his furiousness, I finally decided to start one. Thus was born, my blog “Mangala’s Potpourri”.

I continue to invest a lot of my time and effort on topics that are close to my heart, just that, mighty thanks to my Big Brother, they are all channeled in one direction, i.e.,
towards My Baby
But why blog?
Just like you have a dog, I have a blog
If only I could realise my dreams of singing n dancing, perhaps I wouldn’t have been blogging!
Blogging takes me to a world of my own, penning my passions.
If I don’t find the right time, place or ambience to meditate, I plunge into my blog!
"You can't just write and write and put things in a drawer. They wither without the warm sun of someone else's appreciation" - Thanks to this quote by Anne Morrow Lindbergh. What I hitherto failed to explicitly express, this quote has done it for me!

On entering my blog, you will find bits of art, pieces of poetry, chunks of Creative Writing, write ups of Recipes, snap reviews of Old Bollywood songs and more.
Few sections in this blog include
"Mangala's Potluck"  - Indian Traditional Vegetarian Recipes
"Nostalgia" - Bollywood Retro Songs Review
"Play with Words" - This is about Cryptic Clues and Crossword Puzzles
"My First Post" "My Portraits" "My Paintings" "My Poems" and more....
Want to know about me? Yes, you can at "Hey...Meet Me!"
My sketch of Lata Mangeshkar

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