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Coriander Rice (Cilantro Rice)

Cu, ku, Coo…. What a sprightly bright morning this! Waaake up, right side. Oho, don’t get cross Corie….you were so tiny, spicy, poddy when a baby…. Lo! so soon you have grown up to be such a sweetie, freshy, greeny, leafy veggie. Pulled your leaves, just for fun, Corie. Nnnn…EVER again we shall use you for cooking, you are truly curly n cutey as a dressing. Tried grinding, frying and cooking, just so you remain rooted to the ground despite highs n lows doing nature’s rounds. Of course your pals like peas n pepper, ha your love… that clove too were a part of the process. Haaa, shoo those cashews away?! Such rich nuts, how can we betray? And that bay leaf….keep this at bay… Oh No Way! While you left us “on the grind” Out you stumped us with this sumptuous Surpp…Rice!

Taste the difference: Pulao is spicy whereas Chitranna is not.

How about this...”Putranna” alias Coriander (Cilantro) Rice, kinda cross between the two. 

One of the most common culinary plants of India, its seeds can be roasted and crushed or just left raw to use as spice, its leaves chopped and used to dress salads and soups, curries and cuisines of many kinds, its medicinal uses too are many…be it a thrush of the mouth when we rush to mix it with warm water and use as gargle or take the case of conjunctivitis when it is mixed with cold water and used as eye lotion. Called by the name of Coriander or Cilantro, its seeds and leaves are both indispensable to spice and dress our cooking or to cure the ones who are ailing.
Extract from The Herbarius Litnus:  Mark that the juice of coriander blown up the nostrils restrains nosebleeds. . . And coriander is effective in tremors of the heart when its powder is given with borage water.”

Dish Type:  South Indian Rice Variety
Preparation Time:  30 min
Serves:  4 persons

Basmati Rice       1 cup (250 gms)

For grinding:
Raw coconut grated        2 tbsp
Green chilli                      3 nos. chopped
Ginger                             1/2” pc
Cumin seeds                    ½ tsp
Saunf (Fennel seeds)       ½ tsp
Fresh coriander leaves    ½ cup packed
For seasoning:
Oil                           2 tbsp
Bay leaf                   1 (break it to slightly smaller size)
Cinnamon                 ½” pc
Clove                       2 nos.
Pepper                     6 to 8 corns
Cashewnuts             10 to 12 nos. (optional)
Onion                      1 no. (medium size, thinly sliced)
Turmeric                 A pinch
Salt to taste             2 tsps approx.
Ground Masala (transfer from mixie)
Peas                       50 gms
Water                   2 cups (use same size cup that you used for measuring rice)
Soaked Basmati Rice

Wash basmati rice in running cold water. Soak it in water. Let it stand for about half an hour. Also wash coriander leaves (roots removed), green chillies and ginger thoroughly. Drain out the water.
Peel the skin of ginger and onion. Chop ginger and green chillies to smaller bits (for faster grinding). Chop the onions into thin slices. Grate fresh raw coconut and keep aside. If the stalks of coriander leaves are tender, use them too along with the leaves. You are now ready for grinding.
Grind all the ingredients listed above “For grinding” to make a smooth paste.  Get ready for seasoning….
Heat oil in a pressure pan on low flame.  Add ingredients listed above “For seasoning” in the same order. When cashews turn golden brown add sliced onions immediately followed by salt and turmeric. When onions turn transparent, add the ground masala. Fry for about 5 min. Now drain the water out of the soaked basmati rice, keep aside this water to use it a while later for cooking. Transfer rice to the pan and continue frying for another 5 min. Now add the water which you had just now kept aside, mix them well, cover with a lid and weight on, turn the flame towards high and pressure cook for up to 2 whistles. Switch off the flame. Let it cool completely.  Fluff up the rice slowly and gently using a fork or spatula. Garnish with finely chopped fresh coriander leaves if you wish.
Coriander Rice is now ready. Serve it with plain curd, spicy raitha, pickle and/or roasted/fried papad or side it with spicy potato curry or cauliflower curry.

Tete - a - Tete:
Green beans, Potatoes, Carrots, Cauliflower may also be used.
Onions can be skipped if you wish.
Adjust quantity of green chillies, pepper corns and ginger to suit your choice.
Using Coconut milk (as against just grated coconut) adds to the flavour and taste.
Recipe contributed by my sweet big sis Smt. Shyla H Rao
Dedicating this post on this beautiful day 14th of March.....2017 to my dear mother Late Smt. Indira Jagannatha Rao (Kaveri)

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