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CD 1: Truly, he is in action (6)
Let me rewrite the clue this way: TRULY, he is in action (6)
TRULY (colour coded in RED and shown in CAPS ) is the Question
Answer is a synonym of the word TRULY
You have to get the answer by using the rest of the clue.
Here the word in (colour coded blue) is used to get the answer. But the answer is a 6 letter word. How do we get the other 4 letters?
For this, we use the word action (colour coded in red and italics) and anagram its synonym with the word in
Synonym of action = deed. So in + deed = INDEED is the Answer
Summary: In + deed (synonym for action) = INDEED = TRULY

Similarly, let's look at the clue CD 2
CD 2: Being in favour of draw, moved ahead (7)
Let me rewrite this way: Being in favour of draw, moved AHEAD (7)
For (synonym for in favour of) + draw = FORWARD = AHEAD

Understand the explanations for the above two clues and try to solve the rest of the clues. I’ve rewritten clues CD 3, CD 4 and CD 5 using the above colour code. Hope this helps. Wishing you the best for the rest!

CD 3: It takes ages to execute the right AMOUNT OF MEDICINE (6)
CD 4: MENTION that all are expected at a certain time (6)
CD 5: TALK about flat, circular objects that are with us (7) 

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