My Poems

Listed below are links to a few poems that I've penned

Springing Back to Life
Cool Coloured Chequered Challenge
Bravo Boys
Brighter Side Brought to Light
Glittering Stars waiting for you
Discovering True Love
Sayonara Samika
W..W...W...Vasudev Shyam
In search of an Archie
Oh Bharathi Jai Bharathi
My ode for Divya Maiya
My poem for Pankaj Vernekar
Hu hoo Cu coo Cucumber
Sweet Corn Song
Saras and her holy cow
Poem for Architects
Poem for a boss of mine

Few other sections in this blog that reveal my other passions include:
"Nostalgia" - Bollywood Retro Music Songs Review and Nostalgia Events Coverage
"Mangala's Potluck" - Traditional Indian Vegetarian Recipes
"Mangala's Crossword Puzzles" - My creation of Easy and Cryptic Crossword Puzzles. Cryptic Crossword Puzzles posted here are based on specific Clue Type. Detailed explanations are provided for Solutions to the clues through links.
"Ramayana Card Game - How to play"
"My Poems"
"Play with Words" - focus here is on Understanding Cryptic Clues in Crossword Puzzles and their types, orienting readers towards possible approaches to solve them with relevant hints, explanations and solutions, all explained with examples in conversational style.
"SheshadrisArtpourri" - Online Art Gallery (via Facebook Page)
To read my first post in this blog, click "My First Post"
Feel free to read about me at "Hey....Meet Me!

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