Friday, 9 September 2016


CD 21: Do achievements deserve celebration (5)
CD 22: Make a mistake and you will end up with a tedious task (6)
CD 23: Men and master together can cause danger (6)
CD 24: Beam of light streaming on a fabric (5)
CD 25: Mixed to match completely (7)

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CD 16: Possible to wear a hat when one is competent (7) CAPABLE
Anagram of (Synonym of Possible + Synonym for hat ) = Anagram of (ABLE + CAP) = CAPABLE = Synonym of competent
CD 17: Can I miss a rule, that of gas discharge (8) EMISSION
Anagram of (I + miss + Synonym of a) = Anagram of (I + miss + ONE) = EMISSION = Synonym of discharge
CD 18: Charged a safety device amidst all the din (7) INFUSED
Anagram of (Synonym of safety device + din) = Anagram of (FUSE + din) = INFUSED = Synonym of Charged
CD 19: People with a playing card create peril (6) MENACE
Anagram of (Synonym of people + Synonym of playing card) = Anagram of (MEN + ACE) = MENACE = Synonym of peril
CD 20: Wanna celebrate? Try with dad (5) PARTY
Anagram of (Synonym of dad + Try) = Anagram f (Pa + try) = PARTY = Synonym of celebrate

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