Saturday, 10 September 2016


CD 21: Do achievements deserve celebration (5)
Anagram of (Synonym of achievements) = Synonym of celebration = ANSWER

CD 22: Make a mistake and you will end up with a tedious task (6)
Anagram of (Synonym of mistake + ‘and’) = Synonym of tedious task = ANSWER

CD 23: Men and master together can cause danger (7)
Anagram of (‘Men’ + Synonym of master) = Synonym of danger = ANSWER

CD 24: Beam of light streaming on a fabric (5)
Anagram of (Synonym of Beam of light + ’ray’) = Synonym of fabric = ANSWER

CD 25: Mixed to match completely (7)

Anagram of (‘to’ + Synonym of match) = Synonym of completely = ANSWER

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