Friday, 9 September 2016


CD 36: Flattened at the end of evening (6)
CD 37: Protection with gum needed to grow this plant (6)
CD 38: Experienced adviser wanted for men climbing a hill (6)
CD 39: At the moment, possess something? (3)
CD 40: Worker demanded an opera on the hill (8)

Solutions for the above clues will be posted next week
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CD 31: Refer to everything that is due (6)
Q: Synonym of “Refer”
A: Anagram of (Synonym of everything + “due”) = Anagram of (ALL + “DUE”) = ALLUDE

CD 32: There's silence when I choose the best (7)
Q: Synonym of “the best”
A: Anagram of (Synonym of silence + Synonym of choose + “I”) = (MUM + OPT + I) = OPTIMUM

CD 33: Allow the mark to turn brilliant red (7)
Q: Synonym of “brilliant red”
A: Anagram of (Synonym of Allow + Synonym of mark) = (LET + SCAR) = SCARLET

CD 34: Regret about a side being treated as remainder (7)
Q: Synonym of “remainder”
A: Anagram of (Synonym of Regret + “side”) = (RUE + SIDE) = RESIDUE

CD 35: Roe fed to a leader to become an expert (7)
Q: Synonym of “expert”
A: Anagram of (Synonym of Roe +Synonym of leader) = (EGG + HEAD) = EGGHEAD

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