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Nainon Mein Badra Chayye

My Sketch of Madan Mohan Kohli
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While you read this song review below enjoy listening to it on YouTube Link Nainon Mein Badra Chayye 
One of a kind film where the heroine meets death barely few minutes after its start. What else can ensue if not those run of the mill expectations: A somber saga spinning off interspersed with sad songs filling spaces in between….right? Proving viewers wrong and belying their usual expectations to present a pleasanter film is the unusual director Raj Khosla stunning all with his masterpiece:  film with a unique theme, loaded with sensible suspense, classic romance beautified in classical style, thereby Khosla flaunting flashes of a splendid love story, not to miss the magic of mesmerizing music by Madan Mohan.
Set amidst expansive outdoors around the palatial and picturesque Lake View of Udaipur, this song from the
1966 film Mere Saaya (meaning “My Shadow “ and a remake of Marathi film “Pathlaag”) starts with the affluent descendant of the royal family, lawyer Thakur Rakesh Singh (Sunil Dutt) mentally not one bit at ease with himself though physically appears relaxed, stretched out and smoking away, laid back on a chaise lounge ….but not for long, since the so far still though pensive mind with a cigar in hand is now stirred by the gentle tunes of a sitar and santoor combine, a jawbreaking  jugalbandi  setting tone for a classic ghazal of a song composed by Madan Mohanji, sung with gusto by Lataji playbacking for the female actress of fame who brought to fashion, fringe haircut and tight churidar kurta…guess who…yesss ...the one and only Charming Sadhana.
Sadhana, in this song, while clearly craving for Dutt’s love, makes no bones about singing the same to him “Prem deewani hoon mein”.  Introducing herself as his Queen of Dreams from a previous lifetime (“sapnon ki raani hoon mein” “pichale janam se teree”), she pleads with him to make her his’s in this lifetime too (“aa is janam mein bhi tu”).
A song that shows Dutt reminiscing one of many spurts of blissful moments he had with Sadhana , one that evokes evidence of his enigmatic state,  one that lets viewers’minds soak in the views of the resplendent lake and environs of Lake Palace, Udaipur as much as their misty eyes soak in desparate Dutt’s saga of desolation.
1/6 songs from the film from
Film: Mera Saaya (1966)                Director: Raj Khosla         Music Director: Madan Mohan
Lyrics: Raja Mehdi Ali Khan          Singers: Lata Mangeshkar
Cast: Sunil Dutt, Sadhana

Team Nostalgia at Dignity Foundation, Bengaluru - Episode #63

Can you guess to whom in heaven did Sheshadri Sir dedicate this month’s episode (#63) at Dignity Foundation, Bengaluru and why on earth did he do so? Simple answer in store reminiscing a humble Ghazal King of yore!
Team Nostalgia in its typical simple humble MM way sang through the evening “Remembering Madan Mohan (MM)” who would have turned 93 had he been with us today Jun 25, 2017.
Sheshadri Sir started the session on a startling note striking an emotional chord reminding us of a popular saying about MM: “As long as music is on this earth, Madan Mohan’s compositions will remain cherished in our hearts”. Picked from his compositions for my Song Review is Nainon Mein Badra Chayye from the film Mere Sayya (1966) picturized on Sunil Dutt and Sadhana which you read just now. 
Did you really read? Yess! you can move on :)

Topping Shesh Sir’s playlist was the touching Ghazal Gaana “Jaana tha humse door” - one of those hit songs from the movie Adalat that placed Madan Mohan a notch above the rest for his stunningly melodious music. Beautiful portrayal of the plight of a helpless woman (picturized on Nargis) lyricized brilliantly by Rajinder Kishan rendered lovingly at Dignity by Smt. Rekha, omnipresent at Team Nostalgia’s events. When it was Smt. Kumuda’s turn, before starting to sing her 1st pick from the playlist "Meri Yaad Me Tum Na Aansu Bahana" she had this to say, “Please excuse me people. My voice has turned really bad. If not for Madan Mohan, I wouldn’t have come today!” That’s MM Kohli for us at Dignity!

When the team got set to sing “Woh chup rahen to mere…” one among a dozen all popular songs from an unpopular film, Master of Ceremonies  Shesh Sir turned Master of Quizzing when he quickly quipped the audience with “Can you guess the film? There are many more songs, can you name them…drawing quickly - dash dash dashes galore! Please Buck Up Sir, with your drawing of blanks on the board. Turn back, will you? and hear them getting filled in the blink of an eye, thanks to many senior citizens in the audience who deserve to be featured on “Page 3” - Bolly Retro Pedia!

Then came Hamse aaya na gaya, one of those many serious songs from the classic comical movie Dekh Kabira Roya followed by Bairan Neend Na Aaye, Mohe Bairan Neend Na Aaye from comedian-loaded film Cha Cha Zindabad. 

Master made no mistake for he came up with a perfect playlist where many attributes of MM and several sweet n sour stories of his came to fore. MM as a perfectionist  in Nainon mein badra chayye, how he lost an award for Woh Kaun Thi, beautiful relationship he shared be it with Rafi or Lata (who calls him bhaiyya), his favourite Talat and not to be missed: Mukesh. Tributes galored for all them through his pet though tight playlist, reminding us that MM is not known for just sad emotions or ghazals! Peppy number Jhumka Gira Re that made millions dance at a glance was quickly played by Rekha who wasted no time in knotting up her hitherto gracefully fallen hair as if to say I’m all set to dance, are you? Much akin to a village belle pulling up her pallu tight around her waist, all set to fight! Hai, hai Bengaluru belle, with our prayers answered by Devas of Prabhu fame, we too are…ahem…well  set. For, isn’t it true that AB too Can truly D!
With many nostalgic memories winding their way through the songs, towards the end, both the team and the audience left feeling heartily hungry, each one shouting out “Madan Mohan – Once More Once More – Yeh Dil Maange More” 

Nostalgia Playlist – June 23, 2017
Jaane tha humse door  – ADALAT (1958)
Hai Isi Mein Pyar Ki Aabru – ANPADH (1962)
Meri Yaad Mein Na Tum Aansu Bahaana – MADHOSH (1951)
Chanda Ja, Chanda Ja Re Ja – MAN-MAUJI (1962)
Woh Chup Rahe Tho Mera Dil – JAHAN ARA (1964)
Humse Aaya Na Gaya  – DEKH KABIRA ROYA (1957)
Bairon Neend Na Aaye – CHACHA ZINDABAD (1959)
Nainon Mein Badra Chayye – MERA SAAYA (1966)
Tu Mere Saamne Hai  – SUHAAGAN (1986)
Jhumka Gira Re – MERA SAAYA (1966)
Woh Chand Muskaya Sitara Sharmaye  – AAKRI DAO(1958)
Rasm E Ulfat Ko Nibhaaen To Nibhaaen Kaise  – DIL KI RAHEN (1973)
Mai Toh Tum Sang Nain Milake  – MAN - MAUJI (1962)
Phir Wohi Sham Wohi GHam – JAHAN ARA (1964)
Hum Chal Rahe The – DUNIYA NA MANE (1959)
Tujhe Kya Sunau Mein Dilruba – AAKHRI DAO (1975)
Bhuli Huye Yaaden Mujhe Itna Na Satao - SANJOG (1961)

Sheshadri Sir reminisces his school days when he used to be accompanied by his dad. On the way he would just stand still when Madan Mohan songs were ringing on the radio in street shops. Did he reach his school on time...I wonder! 
Team Nostalgia:
Sri Sheshadri Mokshagundam – Founder, Anchor, Singer
Mangala Madhuchand - Nostalgia Event Blogger
Smt. Kumuda tells Shesh Sir about her throat gone soar. But for Madan Mohan, I wouldn't have made it  today

Smt. Rekha enjoying herself...Jhumka Gira Re...

Smt. Sudha singing lost in her own world , Smt. Shubha ponders over her next song, Shesh Sir enjoying to the hilt

Shesh Sir's duet with Smt. Rekha...Woh Chand Muskaya...
Smt Rekha Sathyashankar
Smt Sudha Venkatesh
Smt. Shubha Suresh
Sri Ramanujam Masti

Sri Prakash
Sri Manjunath Prasad
Sri Srinivas Udupa – (Guest Appearance)
Blogger Me (seen extreme left) enjoying the event  with Smt. Geetha Sheshadri, wife of Shesh Sir seated right next to me

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