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Rahen na Rahen Hum

My sketch of Suchitra Sen
How heartbreaking it is to lose a loved one…isn’t it? I mean not about losing loved one’s life, that’s a different saga altogether. What when circumstances separate a person to be physically nowhere near proximity, but far away from his/her dear celebrity? Instances like these may be common to many, but expressions of feelings are indeed unique to each. So when poor Devyani (played by Suchitra Sen) is separated from her dearie, wealthy Monish Rai (played by Ashok Kumar) who has to travel abroad for higher education, what has this gentle beauty Suchitra got to sing through her song? Must listen at (youtube link)…. while you read my take of her philosophy right here.

As you read, do listen to the song  Here
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The magic of film Mamta lies in this song “Rahen na Rahen Hum” that’s backed by tingy tongy chimey tunes that ding n dong every now n then, sweetly supporting the gentle melodies of Lata singing away musings of Suchitra. The sounds of ringing during singing as if from a bell in a temple takes the listener to a plane of purity and divinity (Is this a precursor to prove future tawaif’s chastity - an attempt to tempt one to ponder… I just wonder!). Suchitra when asked to sing this song by Ashok Kumar even as he verbally vows his loyalty to her despite his decisively compelled separation, she too pledges her fealty philosophically. So deeply lost in love, she knows not about separation from unity. Come what may the weather, Spring or Summer, and the fragrance, be it like a breeze or a flower, the garden of their life, she promises to grace devotedly with colour. Lost in the realm of love, she sings that she shall sway and she shall blossom just so to remain forever his bosom. On his return, she is not sure of her presence (rahen na rahen hum – whether or not I’ll be here) yet her fond hope of him returning, one can sense when she sings “wahi pe kahin hum tumse milenge” - there somewhere we shall meet again! This line in particular is so synonymously in sync with “Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna”.  Hai na bolo?

1/7 songs from the Film: Mamta (1966) 
Music Composer:  Roshan            Singers: Lata Mangeshkar (solo) Mohd Rafi & Suman Kalyanpuri (duet)
Director: Asit Sen                             Cast: Suchitra Sen, Ashok Kumar, Dharmendra
Lyricist: Majrooh Sultanpuri        

Movie Masala:
Suchitra Sen, born as Roma Dasgupta, refered to as “Mahanayika” in Bengali film world is one actress who with just 7 Hindi films under her belt made the shortest foray in Bollywood mainstream yet sealed her signature that lasts till date. She came (in 1951), she conquered with atleast3 unforgettable films (Gulzar’s Aandhi, Asit Sen’s Mamta and Bimal Roy’s Devdas) and walked away (in 1978) deep down only to get lost in the world of spiritualism.

Team Nostalgia at Dignity Foundation, Bangalore: Episode #64
Episode #64 it was by Team Nostalgia at Dignity Foundation, Bangalore this month. What’s in a number after all when The Team - the deliverers and The Audience - the receivers both love to lose count! Who is the wizard here and which playlist did he use as his wand to create this magic? Even as you don your thinking hat, just one I shall pick as a cue for you to guess: “Rahen na Rahen Hum…..” from the 1966 film “Mamta”. Many senior citizens’ shared stories of their memories with a fitting tribute paid to this music composer who won The Best Music Director Award for Film: Taj Mahal in 1963.

It’s not for nothing that Sheshadri Mokshagundam Sir, the sole wizard of the show stole the hearts of the audience. It’s his splendid playlist themed on a simple yet glittering composer that did the trick. Glittering…yes indeed… as the name itself says so: Roshanlal Nagrath, ROSHAN in short.
The playlist sang aplenty, many attributes described by Sheshadri Sir about Roshan the composer. Kahe na kahe mehfil mein….just one of scores of examples where Roshan was a genius in adopting classical ragas; Garjat Barsat Sawan Aayo Re – one of many songs from Film Bhanwara ornated with simple orchestration that made Roshan’s name truly glitter. Many many more. List so long that can go on n on…..

Setting the mood of the audience to one of celebration, Smt. Sudha  sparkled with her solo “Saari Saari Raat Teri Yaad Sataye….” as if to say “Get set people…..much more in store”. Program soon heightened to its peak with a dhamaka duet, that too of double numbers “Garjat Barsat Sawan Aayo Re…” and “Kahe Tarsaye Jiyara” by Smt. Rekha and Smt. Sudha sandwiched in between by sparkling Solos from Smt. Rekha, Smt. Kumuda , Shesh Sir and yet another duet by Shesh Sir and Smt. Rekha “Chhupa lo Yun Dil Mein Pyar Mera” from the film Mamtha. Film Mamtha brought back many fond memories at the venue. 

One day in 1966, Smt. Jagadamba returned home after watching this film only to deliver her baby the very next day! What better choice could she have than to name her daughter after this film!! Shesh Sir instead of utiliising his precious time to study for his PU exams next day, dared to take time off to watch this film. OMG…isn’t he brave?! His father made no mistake in asking him “Will Ashok Kumar or Suchitra Sen come and write exams for you?” Better still was Smt. Rama from the audience “Exam nijavaaglu baradraa Sir” (Did you really write your exam, Sir?!) Program squared off with an apt number from the film “Bahu Begum” so soothingly voiced straight from the heart of Smt. Rekha on behalf of all of us….
Hum Intezaar Karenge….for Roshanlal Nagrath: 
It was request request n requests galore for a repeat repeat n Repeat of Roshan!!!

Nostalgia Playlist – July 28, 2017
Sari Sari Raat Teri Yaad Sataye – AJI BAS SHUKRIYA (1958)
Kabhi Toh Milegi Kahin Toh Milegi – AARTI (1962)
Garjat Barsat Sawan Aayo Re  – BHANWARA (1960)
Jurm e ulfat pe Hame Log Saza – TAJ MAHAL (1963)
Rahen na Rahen Hum – MAMTHA (1966)
Chhupa lo Yun Dil Mein Pyar Mera – MAMTHA (1966)
Mehlon ka Raja Mila – ANOKHI RAAT (1968)
Rehte the kabhi jinke dil mein  – MAMTHA (1966)
Maine  Shayad Tumhine Pehle Bhi  - BARSAAT KI RAAT (1960)

Man Re Tu Kahe Na Dheer Dhare – CHITRALEKHA (1964)
Aeri Jaane Na Doongi  – CHITRALEKHA (1964) 
Kahe Tarsaye Jiyara – CHITRALEKHA (1964) 
Aapne Yaad Dilaya To Mujhe Yaad Aaya – AARTI (1962)
Main Dil Hoon Ek Armaan Bhara – ANHONEE (1952)
Dil Jo Na Keh Saka  – BHEEGI RAAT (1965)
Teri Duniya Mein Dil Lagta Nahin – BAWRE NAIN (1950)
Hum Intezar Karenge – BAHU BEGUM (1967)

Sheshadri Sir’s Team Nostalgia:
Sri Sheshadri Mokshagundam – Founder, Anchor, Singer
Smt. Mangala Madhuchand – Event Blogger
Smt Rekha Sathyashankar
Smt Sudha Venkatesh
Smt. Kumuda Mallya – Senior Citizen, member of Dignity Foundation

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