Wednesday, 22 November 2017

Golden Jubilee - Dept. of Architecture, UVCE, Bengaluru

Nov 18th 2017
After many a yawn yest’ night, at the dot of dawn this morn’ with the rise of Lord Sun’s….light raying bright and we wake up turning right, we The Alumni of Dept. of Arch. UVCE  are all set to celebrate this Golden Jubilee Day’s delight.
While we The Alumni Brigade march close to the mall of the Orion kind, opening the Gateway of Brigade brand, tip top toeing into the hall of the Grand Sheraton kind, probably grouping ourselves  into “classes” of the age old find, to share fond memories of life and laughter, conceptual  design studies and their slaughter ! (“tear these sheets and start afresh” – standard quotes of Jaisim and Kanade fame !!), assignments then progressed into projects now, grades then graduated now to tricks of trade in the real estate “Look, it’s all about money, honey”. Oops, whatta state of survival, sand ain’t it for Mom n Dad?! Classmates then turned to professional peers now…Lo! Oh so long journey from then to now that we traverse today…
Here is my minute tribute (on behalf of all alumni) to our Professor Dr. Pushpa Dravid (mother of The Wall of Indian Cricket, Rahul Dravid)
My Sketch of Mighty Arty “PD” Ma’am with yeh look it’s me! J  – Charcoal on Paper

And on a more personal note, my tiny tribute to Ar. Harsha Komarlu (one among  1st batch students to be felicitated today) with whom I was associated as a Practising Architect for a sweet n short term willed perhaps by The Lord to earn sweeter n longer lifetime benefits! 
My Sketch of KVH - Charcoal on Paper

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