Tuesday, 26 December 2017

Avare Rice (South Indian Pulao style)

Dish Type: South Indian Rice Variety
Time Taken: 45 min (approx. )
Serves: 3 persons

Rice                1 bowl soak for 30 min
Avare             1 bowl
Onion             1 medium
Tomato          1 big or 2 small
Ground spices mix (see below)
For grinding:
Coriander leaves                 2 tbsp
Ginger                                   1 small piece
Garlic                                     2-3 cloves
Raw grated coconut            2-3 tbsp
Green chilli                           2 nos. add more if you want more spicy
Cardamom                            1 no.
Clove                                      1 no.
Cinnamon                             1 small piece
Saunf                                     ¼ tsp (about 10-grains)
Since spices are ground, don’t exceed the above  quantity. Or, you can use whole spices and grind only the rest of ingredients listed above.
Other Ingredients:
Turmeric pwd          ¼ tsp
Asafoetida (hing)   1 tiny pinch
Kasuri methi            ½ tbsp.
For added flavor and garnish:
Lemon                       1/4th (optional)
Coriander leaves to garnish

Wash and soak semi-polished rice/raw rice for 20 -30min
Grind the masala
In 2-3 tbsp oil in pressure cooker sauté the masala, until raw smell goes off
Add onion chopped to long pieces
Add tomatoes cut to small pieces, salt and fry till tomatoes get mashed well
Add Avare, followed by drained rice. Add 1 tbsp oil
Saute for a minute. Add hing followed by kasuri methi
Add water (quantity enough to submerge the ingredients) and turmeric powder. Cook upto 1 whistle in pressure cooker and about 3-4 min on low flame. Open when pressure drops down.
Garnish with finely chopped fresh coriander leaves and lemon juice squeezed (optional). Mix well.
Avare Rice is now ready.
Recipe Contributor: Ms. Sreeja M

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