Monday, 18 December 2017

Cryptic Clues Type “F” CF 26 to CF 30

CF 26: Buddhist monk turns left in search of a camel like mammal (5)
CF 27: Support for a student to work with no effort (5)
CF 28: Instrument that can also be used by a student (4)
CF 29: Points to a person who works as a sailor (6)
CF 30: Be on the edge, it may overflow (4)

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Solutions for Cryptic Clues Type “F” CF 21 to CF 25

CF 21: Primate when cross sits on TOP (4)
Synonym of Primate = APE ; Code for Cross = X; APE + X = APEX = Synonym of “Top” = Answer
So Answer is APEX

CF 22: TYPE OF MEASURE to show the direction of a vehicle at a junction (5)
Answer = Synonym of “Type of measure” = Anagram of (Synonym of “vehicle” + “a” + Code for “junction”) = Anagram of (CAR + A + T) = CARAT

CF 23: When people on Westside were suffering, many were MOANING(7)
Answer = Synonym of “moaning” = Anagram of (Code for “Westside” + Synonym of  ”suffering”)
= Anagram of (W + AILING) = WAILING

CF 24: BRANCH that grows North during this season (6)
Answer = Synonym of “season” = Anagram of (Synonym of ”branch” + Code for “North”)
= Anagram of (SPRIG + N) = SPRING

CF 25: Hydrogen removed three times and VERY QUICKLY (5)

Answer = Synonym of “very quickly” = Anagram of (Synonym of  ”three times” - Code for “hydrogen”) = Anagram of (THRICE – H) = TRICE 

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