Friday, 15 December 2017

Masoor Dal Sambar

Dish type: South Indian Vegetarian Stew
Time taken: 45 min approx.  
Yield: 200 ml approx.


For pressure cooking:
Masoor Dal                 60 gms
Onion                          1 no. (big size, chopped)
Tomatoes                    2 nos. (chopped)
Green Chillies             2 nos. slit
Turmeric powder        A pinch
Water                          125 ml approx.

While boiling:
Water                          100 ml approx.
Tamarind extract        1 tsp approx.
Sambar Powder          1 tsp
Salt to taste                 1 tsp approx.

For seasoning:
Oil                               1 tsp
Mustard seeds                        ½ tsp
Red chillies                  2 nos. (byadagi variety)
Curry leaves                3 0r 4 nos.
Coriander leaves         1 tsp (fine chopped)

Cook in a pressure cooker all ingredients listed under “For pressure cooking” upto 4 whistles. Switch off the flame. Once cooled, add all ingredients listed under “for boiling” to the cooked dal. Let it boil well for about 10 min. Now add seasoning using ingredients listed under “For seasoning”.
Masoor Dal Sambar is now ready.
Tete - a - Tete:
Masoor Dal is ideal for using with steamed hot rice but doesn’t suit as side dish for rotis / chapathis
Masoor Dal is a tasty variant of standard Tur Dal used in regular sambar.
Recipe contributed by Smt. Shyla H Rao

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