Monday, 15 January 2018

CWP - CA - M1 - Q3 Hints (with Solutions)

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Hints and Answers given above are only for Cryptic Clues of Q3 section of the puzzle.
Clues are of Type "A" which means Answer is hidden within the clue itself!
Wanna understand more about this type of Clues? Please visit "Understanding Cryptic Clues Type "A"

Clues for Quadrant 2 (Q2) of the above puzzle can be viewed @ CWP - CA - M1 - Q2
Hints to solve the above clues can be viewed @ Hints to solve CWP - CA - M1 - Q2 (with Solutions)

Clues for Quadrant 1 (Q1) of the above puzzle can be viewed @ CWP - CA - M1 - Q1
Hints to solve Clues in Q1 can be viewed @ CWP - CA - M1 - Q1 - Hint 1 and CWP - CA - M1 - Q1 - Hint 2

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