My First Post


Thanks for logging in to my blog. This is my first post. Enjoy reading!

My first formal expression in English writing happened way back in 2004 when my article titled Wow! was published in Deccan Herald, my favourite newspaper from my hometown ( i.e., Bengaluru). This article was an outcome of  "interesting" confusion in communication arising during our day to day conversation in English language with people in general . The experience I had with Rishab, my son (all of 8 years then!) is a case in point.

To read the article click on Wow!
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"My Poems"


  1. WOW makes for great reading.It is a good guide for higher english learning and helps improve vocabulary.Reading the nice literature,seeing the good paintings and knowing your varied interests we feel it appropriate to refer to Mangala with the title-APPLE-Architect,Poet,Painter,Literateur,Enterpreneur.Congratulations,Mangala

    1. Comment of this kind coming from a highly knowledgeable literateur like you is surely commendable. Thank You Mama