Saturday, 6 October 2018

My Paintings

Seen below are a few of my oil paintings. Other artworks of mine can be viewed @
Portraits - Legends of Bollywood - Charcoal on Paper
Portraits - "People: My Pick" Series
Colour Pencil Works
Pencil Works
Re-creation of Oil Painting "Kamadhenu" on 20" x 16" canvas. Original Artist: Dr. B K S Verma
Also view "My Portraits"  ,  "SheshadrisArtpourri"  in this blog

Me (seen extreme right) with Sri BKS Varma, a world renowned artist and original artist of "Kamadhenu" which I recreated with the able guidance of my mentor Sri Sheshadri Mokshagundam (seen extreme left in the pic)
Re-creation of a landscape oil painting on 12" x 16" canvas. Original Artist: Bob Ross
This painting can also be viewed on our FB Page SheshadrisArtpourri Link:

"Rudra" Oil painting on 12" x 16" canvas. Reference: Internet

"yashoda krishna" Oil painting on 10" x 12" canvas. Reference: Pamphlet
"Mother & Child" Oil on Canvas Size: 16" x 20" Reference: SheshadrisArtpourri Art Library
Watercolour on paper - My creation


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