Monday, 18 July 2016

Glittering Stars Waiting For You

(A poem I penned for my family friend Rahul Kayala)

Standing tall, Rising high
Aiming for the sky
Reaching for the stars
As you grow tall,
Taller and the tallest of all
May the sky come down
May they reach you
Oh those glittering stars in the sky.

Standing taller, flying farther
Head held high
May you go places
Tasting success
When you reach the pinnacle
It shall be no miracle
For reaching there cannot be
Sans The Sacred Revolution
Against countless debacles.

The secret to your hitherto success
Oh those keywords, in the midst of
The whirl of words during our chat.
“Can you tell us more?” our silent request;
“Can you please understand,
The time I now have on hand, I just can’t juggle,
Can you simply google”, you say with a giggle.
We return home beaming, yet buckling,
Off to bed, did you go chuckling?

Thank you Rahul, you are beautiful,
The time spent with you, that was wonderful.
Oops, for the “beautiful” feminine adjective!
Thank you Rahul, you are indeed handsome
Precious time you spared for us,
That was truly awesome!

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