Monday, 18 July 2016

Hu Hoo, Cu Coo, Cucumber

Water, water everywhere
Not a drop to batter my dosa
Pray to Thee, Oh Cauvery!
Can you allay our worry?
While the fight between States
Doesn’t seem to cease,
Your flow of fair share
Can it bend please
To all states, can it appease?

Cauvery states,
“While I shall do my best
For fair share to all States,
Don’t wait for me,
Go pluck that Southekaayi
From Mangaluru. To you, it’s closeby
Also known as Cucu (long name - Cucumber)
Use this in place of water
See how your dosa batter
Comes out sooo much better!”

Hu hooo, Cu cu ooo
How so sweet are you,
Taking the place of precious water,
Dosa made using you
Tastes bestest than better!
Hu hooo, Cu Cu Coo, Long Live Cucumber!!

Author: Mangala Madhuchand

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