Sunday, 17 July 2016

Sketching and Painting

It is never too late to discover oneself and this is what happened to me when at some point of time in my life, I discovered that I too shall "make an attempt" to sketch and paint!
Painting is an art that lets me express myself when words fail ... and what an exciting way it is to keep myself recreated in a creative way! It requires the ability to translate one's thoughts into images through carefully controlled movements of the hand and visualization of colors and lines in the mind. Can one deny that it is not meditative?
A few of my creations evolved out of my imagination while many others are "Re-creations" of other artists known and unknown.  

My humble attempts at sketching and painting can be viewed in the "Glimpse of My Gallery" section of this blog.

With Mrs. Pushpa Dravid my first Art Teacher in College of Architecture
Seated extreme left, briefing audience at Bimba Art Ashram about multifarious activities that happen at Bimba
At an Art Workshop
Few sections in this blog include
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"Nostalgia" - Bollywood Retro Songs Review
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