Sunday, 6 August 2017

Paintings from SheshadrisArtpourri

SheshadrisArtpourri was founded by Sri Sheshadri Mokshagundam in 1990s after being trained under the able guidance of world renowned artist Sri B K S VARMA. SheshadrisArtpourri aims to showcase an adorable and affordable Artipelago of Artworks created by Shesh Sir’s students under his hearty guidance. Artworks presented here are mainly recreation of works originally created by Master Artists of National / International fame (Yessss… Celebrating, Reliving and Honouring Master Artists remains the main motto of SheshadrisArtpourri) They are also recreated through various other sources, Shesh Sir’s personal, over 3 decade old Art Library notwithstanding!! 

Listed below are links to a few artworks created by his students:
H N Latha's

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