Friday, 9 September 2016


There is nothing mysterious about a Crossword Puzzle though its clues, especially the cryptic ones look labyrinthine. 

A Crossword Puzzle is a simple set of squares arranged both horizontally and vertically, generally bounded within a bigger square. Most of the squares are blank while some of them are black or shaded. Blank squares are called “Lights” and shaded squares are known as “Blocks”. Words are filled only in “Lights”. Some of these “Lights” contain a number within them. Each of these “Lights” with a number inside is the starting point of a word that forms the answer. 

Clues in a crossword puzzle are generally of two types.

Easy – In this type, clue is a single word or phrase

Cryptic – In this type, the clue is in the form of a phrase or sentence (which may or may not make sense to the reader)

Since the focus in this blog is on solving Cryptic Clues alone and not on solving Crossword Puzzle per se, our further discussion regarding clues will continue without reference to any particular Crossword Puzzle.

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