Friday, 9 September 2016

Cryptic Clues Type “C” – CC 36 to CC 40

CC 36: Part of body or strip of water? (3)
CC 37: Legal draft of an account statement (4)
CC 38: Plank placed to help one get into a vehicle (5)
CC 39: Sounding out a strong urge (7)
CC 40: Alluvial area that is triangular (5)

Solutions to the above clues can be viewed at Solutions for CC 36 to CC 40
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SOLUTIONS for Cryptic Clues Type “C” – CC 31 to CC 35
CC 31: Copy of a primate (3) APE
CC 32: Part of ship found in part of human body (5) BELLY
CC 33: Is it hat or shall we call it lid? (3) CAP
CC 34: Missiles used for an indoor game (5) DARTS
CC 35: Huge property required to park a huge car (6) ESTATE

Did you observe, answer to each of the above clues is a Homonym and it is coloured in green. Homonym is a word that has more than one meaning. Two meanings for each of these words are found in their respective clues and they are coloured red. 

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