Sunday, 4 September 2016

Gulpavate - Quick Version

On this auspicious occasion of Gowri – Ganesha festival, Mangala’s Potluck begins with the offering of a “Prasadam” recipe.
Come Mangala Gowri Vratha (every Tuesday of Shraavana Maasa), Amma would rush to the kitchen just before start of our puja and return in no time, with a plateful of brown balls moulded, cup shaped, space created in the centre to hold oil and bathi (wick) all set for Mangalaarathi.
On finishing the puja, she made sure to give this as “prasadam” to all. Hmmm, this was one bait, for sure, we never minded the wait!

Dish type: Traditional Sweet
Time required: 10 min
Yield: 12 nos.

Wheat flour              125 gms
Sooji Rava               100 gms (sooji rava/chiroti rava/semolina)
Jaggery                     225 gms
Raw coconut            125 gms (or 1/2 coconut medium size)
Ghee                        1 tbsp

Keep jaggery in a vessel with just enough water for it to dissolve.
Meanwhile, saute wheat flour and sooji rava in a dash of ghee, separately, in a pan till you get a pleasant smell – a sure sign that something delicious is on its way. Keep them aside. Into the same hot pan, put freshly grated raw coconut and saute for a short while. No need to switch on the stove. Heat in the pan is enough to warm coconut.
Boil jaggery water in a kadai till it melts completely. Sieve if required.
Transfer coconut from the pan into the kadai. Let it boil for a while.
Now add fried wheat flour and rava into the kadai. Mix them and saute till they blend well. Switch off the stove.
Add a tsp of ghee. Make round balls while still hot or warm enough for you to handle. Keep them on a plate. Let it cool.
Gulpavate prasadam is now ready.

Tete a Tete
Dry grated coconut may also be used in place of raw coconut
Gulpaavate recipe tried by Sri Nagesh Sidhanti
Cardamom and nutmeg may be added to get higher taste (Yes, I fully agree with you Sri Nagesh Sidhanti). Not included here in this "quick" version
Few types of jaggery: Palmyra jaggery, Date palm jaggery, sugarcane jaggery
Jaggery of any type is better for health than refined sugar
Gulipaavate can also be served as snack
The longer version of Gulpavate will be posted later.

Recipe contributor: My sweet big sis Shyla H Rao on behalf of our dear mother, Late Smt. Indira Jagannatha Rao (Kaveri)
Gulpavate is also known as Wheat Thambittu

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  1. Delicious.Ganesha and all of us would surely love this.Look forward to the longer version.Happy Gowri-Ganesha

  2. Delicious.Ganesha and all of us would surely love this.Look forward to the longer version.Happy Gowri-Ganesha