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Welcome to Mangala’s Potluck – a space in my blog where you can reach out to a range of Easy Recipes. For lazy ones like me and busy ones like you, to refer to, during our prime time, Mangala’s Potluck suits us all fine. It is also a place where the reader (as the meaning of potluck implies) “takes a chance that whichever recipe that is posted here will prove to be good, better or the best.” Reason: They are THE Recipes... Tasty Healthy Easy

Recipes posted here are those contributed by my kith n kin n yeh…me too! (for, by hook or crook, I too have earned the title of a cook!) They are centered chiefly around traditional vegetarian Indian cuisines, practised by generations from yester years. 

Recipe contributors take up the tall task of  "telling me the recipes", while I don a few small roles… recipe writer, cook…er, click…er , editor n ye, post….er! J

Step in, savour these recipes and devour those dishes.

First recipe posted in this section: Gulpaavate (Quick version) on Sept. 4th, 2016

Contributors so far:
Smt. Shyla H Rao
Smt. Lalithamma Ramamurthy
Smt. Mankali
Smt. Sreeja M
Smt. Ahalya Bai
Smt. Pramila
Smt. Anjana Krishnamurthy on behalf of her mother Late Smt. Seetha Krishnamurthy
Smt. Nanda Ramesh
Smt. Meena Lakshminarayana
Smt. Uma Nagaraj
Sri K V Ramesh
Smt. Malavika Sidhanti and Sri Nagesh Sidhanti
Smt. Nagarathnamma
Smt. Mohana Mangala

ps: Consider Recipe Contributor as the Author of this blog unless otherwise specified in the recipes

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7 September 2016 at 18:57 delete

RMP and Gulipavate recipes are well written-crisp,comprehensive and reader-friendly.Waiting for the longer version of Gulipavate and also Sir M.V.Special on 15 sept.Thanks for the mouthwatering recipes.

8 September 2016 at 01:25 delete

Thanks Mama...more to come as weeks go by