Cryptic Clues Type "C" CC6 to CC 10

CC 6: Attempt to create a piece of writing (5)
CC 7: Flat and smooth finish isn’t odd (4)
CC 8: Defeated in a battle during autumn (4)
CC 9: Talk persistently about a musical instrument (4)
CC 10: Animal skin can be kept out of sight (4)

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SOLUTIONS FOR  Cryptic Clues CC1 to CC5

CC 1: Comfort within a cabinet (7) CONSOLE
(since both “comfort” and “cabinet” can mean Console)
CC 2: Similar to say, please (4) LIKE
(since both “similar” and “please” can mean Like)
CC 3: At a higher level, it is a sequence of six balls (4) OVER
(since both the phrases in red can mean Over)
CC 4: Persuade one to iron (5) PRESS
(since “persuade” and “iron” can both mean Press)
CC 5: Kind of building, it’s like a flat area on either side of forehead (6) TEMPLE
(since both the phrases can mean Temple)

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CA 6 to CA 10
CB 6 to CB 10

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