Saturday, 18 March 2017

Aao Huzoor Tum ko

1/5 songs from the 1968 film “Kismat”
Music Director: O.P. Nayyar        Singer: Asha Bhosle        Lyricist: Noor Devasi
Director: Manmohan Desai          Actors: Biswajeet, Babita, Helen, Kamal Mishra, Murad
Based on the film Kismat, a film with a flamboyant narrative and an unending storyline.

A sharaab song associating a drunkard, but with a difference! Difference that lies in the gender. I can guess the difference, can you? In sharp contrast to the practice during those times, when consuming the Devil’s nectar was the prerogative of masculine masses, Manmohan Desai takes a bold step to defy the norms and portray feminine intoxification to the public. Thanks to the lyrics of a lesser known lyricist Noor Devasi who takes us along with the stars of the song, to stars of the skies…
Good Heavens! of them towards the end of the song ! when he refers to jotting down in the heart, memoirs that are unmatched by seven skies (Jis ki misaal de naa sake saatho aasmaan). Rave references to skies, stars and seven heavens…all of these…are they probably implying divinity? So what if the lyricist is lesser known, when the song is considered a memorable one (especially associating Babita), entertaining to us, viewers cum listeners and a claim to fame for Noor Dewasi.
Fabulous rendition by Asha…what an intoxicating mood she must have been in! Glory be to her, for her pauses, expressions and extensions, all so precise and perfectly in sync with the drunken dolly ….is it Karishma or Kareena? Ta…ta…taa it’s the mom of both, Babita.
This song , picturised on Babita and Biswajit was one of the songs selected for Shaan-e-Pakistan 2015 (a 3 day fashion and cultural fiesta that brings the 2 nations together through fashion, food and music)

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