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Tere Mere Milan Ki Yeh Raina

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Music can move people, melt them or even tear them apart. Music can reunite them too! That’s The Mesmerising Magic of Music!! So evident is this in the fondly remembered film Abhimaan (declared Hit by Trade Guide – a Bollywood Trade magazine published during those times), with a mature love story that deals with a very common human trait called “Professional Jealousy” between married couple. Here the singer-husband finds it difficult to accept the popularity and mass appeal of his singer-wife. Their marriage is on the rocks. The movie reaches its climax when the couple Subir (Amitabh) and Uma (Jaya  -Bhaduri then, Bachchan now) get separated, Uma has a miscarriage and finally they fortunately reunite – what an emotional reunion celebrated with this beauty of a song “Tere Mere Milan Ki Yeh Raina” rendered in public by both, thanks to timely intervention by Brijeshwar Rai (that’s David for us) who declares to the on-screen audience that it was music that brought them together, tore them apart and reuniting them now. It was Music that defined (or designed!) their life all the way!
This show stopping musical glitters right from the start when Amitabh opens the stanza with a hmmm... and the couple glance by turns at each other. Simple yet stunning sight that sinks into our souls!  And as Amitabh continues to sing, Jaya is unable to take her eyes off him, her emotions go beyond control and ultimately breaks down even as their good times with each other flashback at her. Amitabh along with Asrani (as Chander) waste no time in consoling Jaya , David announcing to the audience that it was the couple’s dream that they should be singing this song together and also requesting Jaya to join Amitabh in the song. When Jaya refuses, it was David’s touching statement that it is his command just like that of a father to daughter, which makes Jaya give her consent.
Amitabh lovingly beckons her to the stage which she readily does, albeit welled with tears. From here on we witness “The Magic of Music” where they both take turns in singing their stanzas. How can one miss Brijeshwar Rai brimming with joy when the two sing in chorus “Dekho naa….” And how can we the audience miss joining him in that joy!
A truly touching direction by SDB….the duo turning towards each other with every repeat of Dekho naa….as if reminding each other of their good times once upon a time! The song ending with their duet rightfully proclaims “Their Grand Emotional Reunion”.

Bindu’s  positive role comes as a good break, earlier known for her vamp/cabaret dancer roles (Zanjeer -1973)
Jaya won the Filmfare Best Actress Award for her sterling acting performance wherein she proves that this innocent country girl in her is indeed a woman of substance.
Tune of the song is believed to be based on Rabindra Sangeet “Jodi  Taare Naayi Chini Go Seki”
S D Burman won the Fimfare Best Music Director Award for his brilliant music in this movie.
This song was listed at No. 16 on Binaca Geetmala annual list 1973
Abhimaan was a blockbuster not just in India but also in Sri Lanka where it was screened non stop for 590 days at Empire Colombo.
The film is claimed to be based roughly around the life story of popular playback singer Kishore Kumar with his first wife Ruma Guha Thakurta/Ruma Ghosh.

Film: Abhimaan (1973)  
Director: Hrishikesh Mukherjee                               
Music Composer: S D Burman
Lyrics: Majrooh Sultanpuri          
Singers: Kishore Kumar, Lata Mangeshkar           
Actors:  Amitabh Bachchan, Jaya Bhaduri, David, Asrani, Bindu and others

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  1. Fantastic, Mangala. It is so realistic.
    The Bharata Ratna(Latha) would be delighted to see this Rekha Chitra Ratna. We are all admiration to see your multifaceted talent. May God bless you in every way.

    1. Thanks a lot for your compliments and blessings Mama