Friday, 9 September 2016

Cryptic Clues Type “C” – CC 21 to CC 25

CC 21: Get on with a group of people (5)

CC 22: Quick short movement of a short and even hairstyle (3)

CC 23: Make one believe about a steep cliff (5)

CC 24: Support for a pillow (7)

CC 25: To drill a hole can be a dull activity (4)

Solutions to the above clues will be posted next week.
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SOLUTIONS for Cryptic Clues Type “C” – CC 16 to CC 20

CC 16: Call of victory in a game of numbers (5) BINGO
CC 17: A little bird wins a score (6) BIRDIE
CC 18: A senior clergyman in charge of a chess piece (6) BISHOP
CC 19: Even a small piece can make for a boring tool (3) BIT
CC 20: Be frank about lack of sharp edge (5) BLUNT

The answer to each of the above clue is a Homonym and it is coloured in green. Homonym is a word that has more than one meaning. Two meanings for each of these words are found in their respective clues. They are coloured in red in each of the above clue. 

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