Monday, 25 December 2017

Cryptic Clues Type “F” CF 31 to CF 35

CF 31: Relative offered soup with hesitation (7)
CF 32: Dance right away in a sleeveless cloak (4)
CF 33: Yes, when one has fever, there's no guarantee of employment (5)
CF 34: Insult a relative for wearing a casual shirt (5)
CF 35: It's 50£ now and the price can go higher (6)

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Solutions for Cryptic Clues Type “F” CF 26 to CF 30

CF 26: Buddhist monk turns left in search of a camel like mammal (5)
Answer: Synonym of “camel like mammal” = Anagram of (Synonym of “Buddhist monk” + Code for “left”) = Anagram of (LAMA + L) = LLAMA

CF 27: Support for a student to work with no effort (5)
Answer: Synonym of “Support” = Anagram of (Code for “student” + Synonym of “no effort”) = Anagram of (L + EASE) = EASEL

CF 28: Instrument that can also be used by a student (4)
Answer: Synonym of “Instrument” = Anagram of (Synonym of “also” + Code for “student”) = TOO + L = TOOL

CF 29: Points to a person who works as a sailor (6)
Answer: Synonym of “sailor” = Anagram of (Code for “points” + “a” + Synonym of “person”) = Anagram of SE + A + MAN = SEAMAN

CF 30: Be on the edge, it may overflow (4)
Answer: Synonym of “overflow” = Anagram of (Code for “Be” + Synonym of “edge”) = Anagram of (B + RIM) = BRIM

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