Friday, 27 July 2018

Portraits - "People: My Pick" Series

“I have failed at times but I never stopped trying” so said The Wall of Indian Cricket. Yes Rahul, as you quoted…so I executed, especially this time when I tried sketching portrait of me with Ma’am - prefixed by PD as we her students fondly shrunk your Mamma’s name. Twice I tried sketching and was bitten. Third time…no, I didn’t feel shy. Inspired by your quote, felt I should give it yet another try and was I lucky? Yes I guess when on seeing the sketch today (24th Oct 2017), Ma’m instantly signed off in style describing it as “beautiful” making this dutiful today of mine equally memorable and wonderful!

Here it is… My sketch of Mighty Arty Pushpa Dravid with a Mini Me  - Charcoal on Paper
My sketch of me with Mrs. Pushpa Dravid (mother of Cricketer Rahul Dravid)
Me with Ma'am Pushpa Dravid

  Architect K V Harsha Babu
Sir Harsha Komarlu...many a smile in this life of mine, how do I not owe you!

Dr. B K S Varma -  Reknowned Artist from Bangalore, India

Prajwal K A
(Student of Art Mentor Sri Sheshadri Mokshagundam)

Steven Harris
(Student of Art Mentor Sri Sheshadri Mokshagundam)

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