Monday, 18 July 2016

Oh Bharathi! Jai Bharathi!!

13 Nov 2016
Poem penned just now for my dear friend Bharathi Prathap after listening to her concert yesterday at PESIT, Bangalore

Oh Bharathi!
Melodies that you render
Into our souls they penetrate
And there they reverberate.

Oh Bharathi!
What a crush with bliss
Thank God I didn’t miss
Thank you venue, PESIT
B’cos of you, I could make it.

Oh Bharathi!
May you remain blessed
To sing more n share more
Through your golden voice
For, our sorrows they redress
Our minds, they let rest
And our souls, they blissfully dress.

Oh Bharathi!
Our wishes to you
From the bottom of our heart
May your music bring
To one and all
*Kolagas of *keerthi
Oh Bharathi! Jai Bharathi!
Jai Bharathi! Oh Bharathi!!
Oh Bharathi! Jai Bharathi!!!

*(Kolaga is kannada word for pail, keerthi is kannada word for fame, glory)

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