Wednesday, 13 July 2016


I penned a poem during my stint in an MNC where I was reviewing drawings issued to me by Architects for Audit.Those who are familiar with Architectural Drawings may enjoy it better.

It’s nice to review an elevation
For, it’s a sure test of orientation
That ends all speculation.

“Which is north and which is east?”
questions the auditor.
“This is south and that is west”
replies the creator.

“How come east is west and west is east?”
queries the auditor.
“No, no, no, east remains east and west remains west”
quips the creator.

Says the auditor,
“Look here, east is west and west is east
as per your drawings sent in advance.”

“Yes, yes, yes east as west and west as east
            happens only by chance.
East becomes East and West becomes West
only after auditor’s glance”,
Admits the creator.

(Auditor complains)
Here is a drawing
With a section line
Shown on the ground floor
But shifts on the first floor
First time in my profession
I see a section line of this kind
Can you make the correction
If you don’t mind?

(Creator rues)
First time in my career
I tried to make a difference
But all my experiments
have only met with indifference.
If only these auditors could understand
Our passion for creation
We the creators

Sure, could have done wonders in recreation. (Pun intended)

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