Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Rasam Powder

A splendid blend of spices that is so simple to prepare, once you discover the power of this powder, you will never wish to pick a packet from those super stores!
This delightfully aromatic spice powder - “Rasam Powder” -  is the basic ingredient used in making “Rasam” a delicious South Indian vegetarian stew made with or without dal and eaten with hot, steamed rice or simply sipped like any other soup. However, sans this powder, can there be no rasam? Wait n watch for my future posts to find out the magical answers. Right now I’m busy cooking some “Rare Rasam Recipes” just so I can serve them to you soon!

Dish type: Spice Powder
Time required: 45 min
Yield: 3000 gms 

Red chillies                  125 gms (Byadagi variety
Red chillies                   125 gms (Guntur variety)
Coriander seeds          1000 gms
Jeera                            500 gms
Methi seeds                 500 gms
Mustard seeds             250 gms
Pepper corns               250 gms
Curry leaves               1 big bunch
Turmeric pwd             2 tsps
Asafoetida                  Crystal (1 small gooseberry size)

Dry fry each of the ingredients separately in a kadai on low flame till they change colour.  Ensure they are not over roasted since they should not turn black in colour.  
Transfer each of them to a plate after dry frying. Allow them to cool well.
Grind them to a fine powder. For better shelf life store it in a completely dry air tight container.

Tete - a – Tete
Red chillies alone can be fried using just a drop of oil.
To make 1 litre of rasam, approx. 2 tbsps of rasam powder is required.
1 fistful of red chillies = approx. 20 nos. = approx. 50 gms
Recipe Contributor: Smt. Lalithamma Ramamurthy, nonagenarian lady and an expert cook.
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