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Banana fritters / Yeridevu / Suttevu

Yeridevu/ Yeriyevu / Suttevu / Muluka / Mulka / Baalehannina modaka….saaka hesarugalu. So many names right for how many dishes, guess? Just ONE.
Fritter them not…they are fritters made using banana + flour + jaggery + raw coconut. A famous traditional North Karnataka quick n easy dessert dish packaged with a crunchy, crispy cover and a soft n sweet inner. This is one of a series of Uttara Kannada recipes that Smt. Mankali, a septuagenarian lady and an expert cook, so sweetly agreed to share with me.

Buck up buddies…Here’s a sweet that greets us with a bonus ingredient…BANANA! Benefits of banana are aplenty. Banana provides us with potassium, a mineral electrolyte that is not naturally produced by the body. Hence consuming potassium rich foods is essential. It helps in regulating important body functions like blood pressure, water balance, bowel movements, reduced risk of stroke and many more.
Come, let’s pep up to prepare Yeridevu. 

Dish type: Traditional North Karnataka Sweet
Time required: 15 min
Yield: 12 to 15 nos. approx.
Rice flour                  1 cup
Salt                             A pinch
For grinding
Jaggery                     ½ cup (powdered)
Raw coconut             ½ cup (or 1/2 coconut medium size)
Banana (ripe)           ½ cup (chopped)
Grind ingredients mentioned above without water. Mix this with rice flour and a pinch of salt. Consistency must be thick and dense, not liquidy (similar to uddina vada) A tip to check this….put a blob of batter into a bowl of water. Does it float and not dissolve? Yes…you can proceed.
Heat oil in a kadai. Not too hot and not too high a flame because fritters will get fried very fast turning dark brown / black and remains uncooked inside.
Scoop out a small lemon sized ball and slide it slowly into the oil. Let it deep fry. Fry not more than 3 or 4 balls at a time. Allow the balls to solidify and then turn them over lest they break.When done, transfer them to a plate with paper tissues placed over them to remove excess oil.
Yeridevu is now ready. 

Tete a Tete
To check if the oil is heated enough, drop a blob of batter into the hot oil. If the batter rises up, then oil is ready to be used for frying.
Yeridevu is a delicious brand dish of the Havyaka community.
Recipe contributed by Smt. Mankali, a septuagenarian lady, an expert cook, native of Idagunji taluk, mother of Shri Ganesh Bhat

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Pic on the left is Idagunji Ganesha sculpture, one of scores of pieces sculpted by Shri Ganesh Bhat.

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