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Sambar Powder

This delightfully aromatic spice powder is the basic ingredient used in making “Sambar” a popular vegetable and/or lentil based gravy. Sambar powder, like many other spice powders can be prepared in advance and stored in an tight container…comes in handy when required! Recipe Contributor Smt. Lalithamma Ramamurthy’s take: Prepare the required quantity fresh when needed!!

Dish type: Spice Powder
Time required: 30 min
Yield: 1500 gms (approx.)

Bengal gram dhal       250 gms
Coriander                  1000 gms
Methi seeds                1 tsp
Red chillies                 200 gms (use both varieties – Byadagi and Guntur in equal measure)
Cinnamon                   4 pieces (each piece – one finger length)
Turmeric                     2 tsps
Curry leaves               1 bunch

Dry fry each of the ingredients separately in a thick iron  kadai on low flame till they change colour.  Ensure they are not over roasted since they should not turn black in colour.  
Transfer each of them to a plate after dry frying. Allow them to cool well.
Grind them to a fine powder. For better shelf life store it in a completely dry air tight container.

Tete a Tete
Red chillies alone can be fried using just a drop of oil.
To make 1 litre of sambar, approx. 2 tbsps of sambar powder is required.
For longer shelf life of any spice powder it is advisable not to include dry coconut while making powder. Instead it is better to grind dry fried dry grated coconut with just the required quantity of spice powder used while preparing the dish.
Alternatively raw grated coconut can be used for grinding with this powder while making sambar.
1 fistful of red chillies = approx. 20 nos. = approx. 50 gms

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