Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Vangibath Powder

A highly versatile spice powder that is so tasty, a key contributor to a variety of rice delicacies “Vangi Bath Powder” is used not only for preparing Vangi Bath or Eggplant Rice (popular in Karnataka, South India as Badanekayi Bath) but also for “Capsicum Rice” “Mixed Veg Rice” and when used in vegetable curries, We The Chefs, rechristen it as “Palyada Pudi”. ( Palya in kannada means curry and pudi means powder)

Dish type: Spice powder
Time required: 10 mts
Quantity: 100 gms

Bengal gram dhal             4 tsps
Urad dhal                        2 tsps (optional)
Methi seeds                     1 tsp
Cinnamon                        1” piece
Clove                              1 or 2 nos.
Red chillies                      50 gms
Dry coconut grated         100 gms
Asafoetida                      A pinch

Roast all the above ingredients (except dry grated coconut) separately. Transfer each of them to a plate. Let them cool thoroughly.
Powder them coarsely. While grinding, add dry grated coconut. Consume the powder while it is fresh.

Tete - a - Tete
While preparing any masala powder, It is always advisable to dry fry ingredients separately due to variance in size, thickness and texture of ingredients.
For this powder, since dry grated coconut is used raw, it is better to prepare only as much quantity as you require at a time. If storing the powder for future use, take out only the quantity of powder required at a time and grind it with proportionate quantity of dry grated coconut.

Recipe Contributor: Smt. Lalithamma Ramamurthy, a nonagenarian lady and an expert cook.

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